On Friday morning, a school bus from Mariira Secondary School Murang’a County was involved in an accident along Naromoru-Nanyuki Road as it was traveling to Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia County for an educational tour, leaving eight students critically injured.
The bus, which was carrying 35 students, is said to have overturned near Burguret Shopping Centre after the driver lost control, prompting witnesses to rush to the scene to assist in any way they could in getting the trapped students out of the bus.

According to the Laikipia County Director of Medical Services Dr. Waihenya Mwangi, they received all of the students, eight of whom suffered serious injuries, and the majority of them were in shock, prompting them to offer counselling sessions to calm them down.
“We received 34 students after the accident.” Eight of them have serious injuries and are being treated in the operating room. Some received minor injuries, but the majority experienced shock and are receiving counseling.” Dr. Mwangi said.

March 31, 2023

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