Tyler Mbaya alias Baha from the popular TV show Machachari recently announced that he is taking a break from social media to focus on personal growth and get therapy for his gambling problem. On Friday 9 June, he openly admitted that he was a gambling addict. Speaking to his followers on his social media, Tyler expressed his desire to be a better person and prioritize his mental wellbeing. Addressing his followers as the ‘Tyler Gang’, he explained:

“Doc feels I need a little social media break as a form of detox as I begin my journey to recovery. I agree… I need to prioritize my mental health.”

He said that his first therapy session was really helpful and advised his peers to not engage in similar habits. Recently, Tyler faced public scrutiny after being exposed by Nurse Judy, a Kenyan woman living in the US who claimed that she was defrauded Ksh 20000 by Tyler. According to her, the actor borrowed her money to pay his bills as he was behind on rent.

The situation stirred a lot of criticism from Kenyans on how the situation was handled. A music video featuring Tyler and  his wife Georgina Njenga was released shortly after the controversy broke. This led to further criticism from the public with accusations that they were chasing clout. Speaking to the media on Friday, Tyler said his addiction was not a means for him to make the song a hit. While announcing his social media break he ended his message with the hashtag recovery and promised to return soon.


June 12, 2023

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