They are things and actions that our ancestors will be surprised when they wake up from the grave, how their generations are doing and venturing into things without caring about their tomorrow.

We have been seeing them on television and even in movies without knowing that they are things that are happening in our families. Today’s couples don’t care about the morals of their marriage, they just think it’s a movie or a drama they’re doing.

When I was in my usual activities, I met a young woman who spread millet in broad daylight by telling how she had romantic feelings with her father-in-law. According to the young woman, she had sex with her father-in-law a day before her wedding.

In addition, she said that she not only developed romantic feelings for her father-in-law that day, but started to love him as soon as she was introduced by her husband to her parents. The girl said that it is a secret that her husband has never known in the 8 years they have been together.

March 26, 2024

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