Have you ever thought of how a man would feel or react if he is given flowers instead of any other gift by the other gender? A friend is visiting after a long period of time without you two seeing for a period of time and all she could do was to bring you a flower,,, wait flowers for men… sounds weird right?.


John Kamau was over the moon after receiving flowers from his longtime friend who happened to visit him after a long period of time at his workplace and the excitement made him take a few shots just to show the world that he had received flowers and of course he was happy about it.


Kamau says he has been seeing and hearing about people being gifted flowers but he never thought about the feeling behind it and today made him experience the exact thing that makes ladies feel overjoyed when given a flower. The funny part about it is that he feels nice and happy about the whole thing but again he had to find out what other men feel like when they are gifted with flowers before going viral on his socials.


The question here is as a man what would be your take if you were Kamau and to ladies would you gift your male friends a flower? Yes can be a right answer but again what percentage of men would feel good and appreciate the gesture without comments like that’s being girlish or even calling each other mama’s boys or rather think of you being inconsiderate of their masculinity.

March 26, 2024

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