When Jesus Christ is in the detail, everything works perfectly well, according to rising gospel sensation Monica Mollie who is at the verge of releasing her debut EP of 3 inspiring songs.

26 year old Monica Mollie was born in Kisii before she settled in Nakuru and Nairobi living a spiritual life from a young age. Her uniqueness and tight grip childhood experience of good grooming and the fear of the Lord is what has kept her faith intact, giving temptations no chance.


The young and vibrant talented singer uses every little chance she gets to spread the word of God with her undying vigor for singing. She has a spirituality sourced far and wide with close influence from pioneers of the music industry namely: Rebekah Dawn, Don Moen, Emachichi, John Waller, Kambua, Joan Wairimu, Patrick Kubuya, Shane Shane, Cory Asbury both locally and internationally.

Single parenthood to her came as a blessing and eye opener towards every huddle that came her way. Church and School became her platforms to light more fire into her burning urge to serve Christ Jesus through the art of singing, save for her sweet melodic voice.


She took control of her spirituality after indulging in praise and worship thus sparking deep passion for her career in music. She believes in using her lyrics and tunes to invite people of God through their souls, to resonate and fetch God’s everlasting love and glory.


At the moment Monica Mollie is up for a brand new and debut EP titled “GENERATION”. This is a 3 track merger of producers Saint P, Giddy Vibes among others. She has definitely put in work.


Monica Mollie is on social media platforms under the same brand name and is releasing her music on platforms of the same branding including YouTube etc.


June 8, 2023

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