Self-proclaimed prophet Yesu wa Tongaren has revealed that he turned down a scholarship offer from Angaza

The controversial clergyman said that as the “son of God,” his education is in Heaven and not any human institution.ccording to him, the type of education fit for him is different from what “normal” people study at academic institutions. He maintained that given he received a calling from God Himself, it is difficult for him to fit in anyone’s class on earth.


Yesu’s sentiments come a few days after he was released by the police who took him into custody over the church he runs in Bungoma. The clergyman who’s real name is Eliud Wekesa was asked to present himself to the police for allegedly running a cult .Reacting to the summons, Yesu defended himself, insisting that his church operations are promised on the word of God.


Yesu wa Tongaren has gained a significant following in recent months and amassed a huge following over his staunch belief that he is Jesus reincarnate.He left many in stitches after refusing to get nailed on the cross during the Easter weekend like biblical Jesus did. He maintained that he cannot be crucified because Judas, who is meant to betray him, already died in the Bible.

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