Cocaine worth Sh380 million concealed in whisky bottles was seized at the international airport in Delhi . According to Indian local media,a Kenyan woman was arrested for smuggling cocaine and intercepted after her arrival from Kenya via Addis Ababa on Monday.


Police reports indicated that the 2.5 kg cocaine was concealed in three whiskey bottles recovered from a bag that the woman carried. The cocaine was initially in liquid form before the New Delhi officials condensed it. When the woman was interrogated she revealed that she was given the bad while in Nairobi and she was supposed to hand it over to someone else in Delhi.

“During physical examination of her baggage, we found white-colored powdery substance suspected to be cocaine in three whisky bottles. The total weight of the recovered substance was 4.145 kg. The seized substance, valued at Rs 38.05 crore, is believed to be narcotics,” said an Indian Customs official.


In a similar incident, on 15th June 2023, a 25 year- old woman was also caught smuggling cocaine in whisky bottles. She was arrested after arriving at Indira Gandhi International Airport from Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). According to officials, the cocaine she was carrying was worth approximately Sh220 million.
Officials added that both women were arrested for the violation of provisions under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.


June 22, 2023

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