Police in Kakamega, Navakholo Constituency are investigating the death of a middle aged man who committed suicide in his son’s room. The deceased who was identified as Sisko Shakaba was found dangling from the roof by his son Stanley Shakaba.


“I was shocked to see my father’s body. He was in good health and had not raised any issue,” said Stanley Shakaba. Mariam Okubasu the wife of the deceased said she was running errands at a local market when she received a call from the neighbors that her husband had committed suicide.

The body of the late Sisko Shakaba was taken to Kakamega Referral Hospital Mortuary. Elders from Navakholo  have urged residents to speak about their problems instead of choosing to commit suicide.

Statistics show that approximately 700 000 people die from suicide globally. The average suicide rate in Kenya as of the year 2022 is estimated at 6.1 per 100,000 populations with a male to female ratio of 3:1 [2].


June 29, 2023

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