Nearly six residents of Mathare North, Nairobi County, are reported missing following heavy rains that triggered floods, submerging houses and forcing some residents onto rooftops for safety.

The deluge, which struck on Tuesday night, inundated homes as floodwaters from the Nairobi River surged into the area.

George Aguko, a resident, recounted the ordeal, stating that the flooding began around 2:00 am, catching many off guard.

Efforts to seek assistance from emergency response entities like the Kenya Red Cross and the County Government proved futile as residents struggled to access help lines.

Aguko expressed frustration, stating, “All those rescue teams that we are advised to call in case of such an incident ignored our calls.”

Compounding the situation, submerged power lines heightened the danger, adding to the urgency of the rescue efforts.

However, relief finally arrived as teams from the Kenya Red Cross and Nairobi County mobilized for rescue operations in Mathare.

Fred Abuga, the Starehe sub-county police commander, confirmed the deployment of rescue teams to the area, emphasizing the priority of combing the affected regions to locate missing residents and provide assistance to those stranded.

The arrival of response teams brings hope to the beleaguered residents of Mathare North, who have endured a harrowing night of flooding and uncertainty.

As the waters subside and the rescue operations continue, the community awaits news of their missing neighbors, hoping for their safe return amidst the aftermath of nature’s fury.

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April 24, 2024

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